Melamine Plywood

Understand how our Melamine Plywood is madeĀ 

Technical Specifications
Test Test Method Results
Abrasion Resistant Abraser applied at 500 gram on to sample surface. Insignificant abrasion of
surface sample.
Chemical or Stain Resistant Surface of sample exposed to various chemicals.
and stains : Alcohol, Coffee, Detergent,Vineger
Lip-Stick, Paint, Oil, Black Soya Sauce.
Insignificant abrasion of
surface sample.
Steam Resistant Sample exposed for 1 hour steaming. Insignificant change in
glossy surface.
Heat Resistant 1. Lighted cigarette placed on surface of test sample.
2. Sample placed in oven at 70 C for 24 hours.
3. Put sample in container containing oil preheated to
180 C for 30 min.
1. Stain can be easily removed by damp cloth.
2. No hairline cracks.
3. Slight change in glossy



1. High heat, Abrasion and chemical resistant.
2. No delamination to the surface as it is fused onto core material under high heat and high pressure.
3. Better quality end product.
4. More durable as it is harder and waterproof.
5. Do not chip easily after cutting and hole drilling.
6. No change of color.
7. Stable thickness overtime as only hard wood is used for plywood.
8. Value for money over time.